East of Seattle is a dynamic acoustic duo that consists of Lisa Stewart (vocals & percussion) & Scott Caponi (vocals, guitar, piano, percussion) formed in 2015. Both musicians actively contribute to other musical projects and wanted to have an outlet to perform songs unrestricted, creatively & intimately. They both have no greater joy than to perform music that speaks specifically to them. The name 'East of Seattle' (often abbreviated to "EOS") was decided upon because the style of music that is performed mostly comes from the Seattle Grunge scene. The duo also performs other genres as demonstrated through songs like "Always" by (Atlantic Star) & "Landslide" (Fleetwood Mac). Lisa & Scott perform a multitude of cover music, always making it their own & aim to surprise & engage their audiences. Ultimately, they hope to work on writing original music to work into their performances; but for now, their concentration is covering some of the best music that have influenced their musical tastes & influences.

East of Seattle is an ideal option for live entertainment at wine bars, coffee shops, martini bars, & reception cocktail hours, but have performed for a variety of audiences at many different types of venues & events on many different stages. For more information, please contact info@eastofseattleband.com or call 330.858.2662.

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